I called Abi based on Zillow reviews and that was my best move in Home buying process. Abi was able to get me a pre approval in a very short time with great rates and loan amounts. Once we entered the offer process, Abi worked closely with Listing agent and my agent making multiple calls to give them confidence that he is ready to close on time. This really helped the listing agent choose our offer and accept it. Abi is a great guide and have great relationships with wholesale lenders he work with. He is a straight shooter. Just get him the documents he requests on time and he will do the rest. Really enjoyed working with him. Abi was able to close a tough loan on time and with excellent rates and terms that are unbeatable anywhere else.

Vaneet W.


We did a simple interest rate reduction refinance with Abi & his team. Prior to selecting to work with InterFirst Lending Corporation, we requested three different quotes and Abi's was the best by 2000. Abi not only shops for your best rate but also the third party fees and theirs was 925. Abi, David and rest of team were very professional and all our calls were returned by Abi or his Assistant David. I will work with them again.



Abi & Ruzer handled most things efficiently and quickly considering rates were going up and our rate lock was for 21 days. We were pretty nervous on not being able to close on time and lose our lock but they came through and closed our loan. Only thing, I was annoyed about the documentation that was being requested from their lender Provident Funding was annoying. They requested my employer to provide a letter that I had gone back to work after child bonding leave, additional pay slips and explanation for deposits. I would recommend with friends and family with confidence. Just be sure you have 30 day rate lock.

Shu Zhao


This is my second time I did a loan with this guys and it was hassle free and they were easy to deal with. I worked with David and Jennifer on this refinance and they provided me with total cost analysis that compared different loan programs before i decided to go with a 30 years fixed no closing cost for 3.50. I highly recommend anyone looking for a mortgage to check them out.

Wonde - San Jose, CA


Abi and his staff were efficient and responsive and helped us secure a very good loan for our refinance. We actually ended up with a lower interest rate than we originally applied for as Abi kept close watch on the loan rates since they were going down. I would definitely recommend InterFirst Lending Corporation to others

Dirk - San Jose, CA


I cannot recommend the InterFirst mortgage lending team highly enough. Abi Said and his team will work as hard as it takes to close your loan in record time. We ended up .5% below the rate of our initial broker, while feeling in safe hands.

We initially had a good mortgage broker who helped us along, when halfway through the process the rates dropped and our broker was not able to hit the rates we saw on zillow. In my search for rates, Interfirst came up in the top three along with excellent ratings. I got in touch with them and talked to Abi: he drove me through the process, reassuring me that even though had a tight time frame (we had already done one appraisal, and were a couple days away from removing our loan contingencies), he not only would be able to get us a better rate, lower origination fees, but since we already had paid our appraisal fee, he would refund the appraisal of the other lender out of his own pocket.

It sounded too good to be true, but once we hopped on, the process was smooth and organized, and goals were met ahead of time. Instead of trickle feeding the mortgage company/broker with required documents (as we've done previously), the InterFirst website made it easy to submit most documents out of the door. When ever I had a question, Abi was more than responsive and always fast to respond and explain. The appraisal, loan contingency removal and the close was done in record time. I told our story to another old-time mortage broker, and he was astonished to what these guys were able to pull off in our time frame.

Lots of promises, every word kept. Would go with them again anytime and would recommend them in a heart beat.

Thank you for all your hard work, Abi, Aidee & the rest of the team!

Closed purchase loan

Bernhard H. - Berkeley, CA


I had a good experience letting InterFirst Lending Corporation handle my recent mortgage refinance. Abi and his staff were very proficient and helpful during the whole process. I had heard horror stories of long drawn out refinances. Not so with InterFirst Lending Corporation. The whole process took less than 30 days. I am appreciative of the compassion shown by Abi and his staff as I was traveling to attend my sisters funeral during a key part final document signing. They arranged to have a notary meet me to sign the documents. Thanks again.

Andrew - Yucaipa, CA


Just completed a re-fi with this company. From application to closing took exactly 18 days. My situation was fairly simple, 788 score, plenty of equity in my home and luckily I have gone through the process previously and I had all my documents readily available. With the exception of the notary, everything was done via Dropbox, email and the notary came to my home. Their good faith estimate was right on the money - no surprises - and the rate and service was phenomenal.

Sam - Milpitas, CA


I looked around to refinance and glad that I decided to go with InterFirst Lending Corporation. There were plenty of information and analysis accompanying the three proposals, which made choosing easy. My loan was closed in 15 days. Appraisal happened on Day 4! (It helps to have all the documents ready.) Abi, Aidee, and Jennifer were professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They are also very prompt and patient in answering all my questions. Everything was done via and Dropbox. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn’t even have to make a trip to the title company. The notary came to my home.

Alida - Fremont, CA